Friday, January 18, 2008

Some embroider I made a time ago, the draw pattern, and teacher, Maria Lecaros. Thanks Maria, you helped me so much. Embroider is far away from just cross stitch. She taught me about 50 different ones, how, and when to use them. She also fight with 12 women, trying to teach us color theory. I told her, that it depends, for me color is just a light wave lenght, or else that teach me hw I can mix all colors and get white. Now I know, our eyes, are tricky, never ever buy a yarn/thread, without looking them away from others, as our eyes cannot get the real difference, as you suppose green is darker than red, and that is not true, also to look at the yarn with our choices (the crewell was made with yarn), and stitches.
That gave me a huge background on how to choose a color, and create a fair island.
Talking about crewell, never, ever try to copy oil painting, nature has not defined endings, or drastic color changes. Mountains, believe me, are shades of purple, trees CAN be green, all shades in a single one, but they are brown, red, yellow, blue, white, orange, and for me, yellow all over, lol.
Tomorrow, no in 6 hours I must go to the farm. traffic, is something difficult, just patience, but, believe me, I am dumb, I bought my car without air conditioning. What for?, where I live, I never use it, and it is so expensive, luxury taxes.

I don't have a pic. The recipe of this week, use you oven tray, and sprinkle salt, any you use, about half cm, (1 inch is 2.5 cm), meaning not leaving the tray color shows, white, place a chicken,washed and with skin. Sprinkle salt as "frosty the chicken". All white, bake it as usual, the salt will take out all the fats, and will be like a crust, take it away, skin also. Never ever any meat absorbs more salt that needs, so you will have your chicken very low cal. Serve it with vegetables or, what I do, bake some tomatoes, potatoes, onions, using another tray, and not wasting more energy and unexpensive way to do them.
I must separate my posts, with labels, as an old lady, let me learn first how the blog thing works! Ruth
The soap, oops, I have to make more, lol, you must use potassium hidroxide for liquid soap, and I asked, asked, nothing, only sodium lye. One day, telling somebody to open for me the place where dangerous things are at the farm, 2 bags (45 lb each), of potaqssium hidroxide, dumb, dumb me, you cannot use sodium on any vegetal, so for cleaning the foses that gives them water, you must use potassium hidroxide.
I just finished taken pics, with the layer on top, as usual, you remove it, add a nice aroma,(essential oils), and color. Cristal clear. Mine, pink, and rose eo. For shampoo?, try sodium bicarbonate, not baking soda, it is rough, you can fell the blood flowing to your root's hair, taking away all dirt and bad oils, keeping all the good ones. Or just a beaten raw egg with a t of olive oil, let it there, while you do something else, rinse and feel like a model.

Travelling,(to and from the farm), can be a real mess in summer. My road is not a highway, so, it is not that I am being lazy, yesterday I crocheted a poncho, and knitted a purse that , well Sunday will be felted.
And well, my DD had an accident, that was at the highway when she addresses to the farm. The car?, what car?. SHE?, not even a scratch!!. Here is the car, but now, with the wheels on the floor..imagine the rest. I brought her here, to the clinic (you cannot trust hospitals), and a complete exam, from head to toes. Thanks God, can I say I am not a believer??.