Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I wanted, but, as you know, God has the final word. So, here I am, working at the farm. I love my house back in that nice town, but now, I must run full time the farm. I don't even have my clothes here, :((. I guess I will go at the weekend.
I am happy, my DD, will spend much more time with me, my son, he will be back I hope in August-September, for good.
I don't even have my DC (dear computer), but Cristina, my yorkie is here with me.
It is a difficult task to run this farm almost alone, lucky me, most of the workers knew me, when I helped my late Daddy. Now, we (my DD and me), have to fix the house, it is big, but not that cozy for us. I will go now to the house and search for a camera. Not in a hurry, mornings here are clouded, but at noon, sun wants to warm and light up our lives.