Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oops, the purse is done, but today I feel kind of dizzy, so I will post it tomorrow. Today I read a blog, where Lynne taught us the wonder of double knitting. I used that technique for making my headband when I used to sky, without knowing, now they tell us it is difficult, my hands cannot remember the logic that double knitting has, the only thing that I know is that RS is showed from both sides, so I must k one color and p the other. I remember that I did some rows of MC first, then I worked the other color (only solid ones), so I could realize how it went. Well today I will try to remember again the technique
And I have a tunic that I want to show, so I will do the buttons, and post it, as it is my pattern.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yarn, it is 61%wool, 22% acrylic, 17% fancy, (Illusion Mohair), 0ne ply, fluffy yarn,
Straigh needles 4.5-5 mm homemade square needles (out of wood, so cozy. hmmm)
2skeins 3 0z MC
2 skeins CC, 2 oz each
CO 30 stitches, with MC
! row K
2 row P
3 row k 26 stitches, w&t the next stitch (or you will have a hole, do not ask me how I know)
4 row p 26 stitches
5 row k 22 stitches
6 row p 22 stitches
Every k row substract 4 stitches
w&t the next stitch, p the row,
repeat until you have 4 stitches, add CC,(MC), every other "group", so it will look as a knitted tent, or back with MC as a solid one.
Knit this 9 times, my measures were 30 cm X 70 cm ( 11"X30" ), and felted for 30", with cold water, or hot water, as you like it (I wanted mine to be very felted), shaped while wet with clothes pins, with plied sides, to gave more room.
I will line it tomorrow, and post it how it went.
Luv U

I just do not know how to post, I am an old lady, imagine, at the U. , I used my fingers to add and substract, I do understand high maths, I hate to do elementary ones, just bored to do them with a math ruler, lol, and belive me, now I cannot live without a comp., women. and men my age do not know even to use a blog....., or even to try to learn english, I know my spelling is not the one I want, you can understand me.
I am working on a felted bag project, but my eyes are allergic to dyes!, so next time I will use my own dyed yarns, without Kool-Aid, because here, they do not exist, but I do use vinager, salt, some powdered juice , without sugar, of course, and blue?. not grape juice, but just food grade colors, I could make my own "colour chart". Dyinhg is not perfect, who wants that?, we (meaning I hope somebody is using my recipes, that I use to dye my yarns, and published for free in some e-magazines (spanish)........In one word DIFFICULT, never impossible, is there somebody who can help me with the yarn????.
Lol, I am creating my own patterns, just to get sponsored by some yarn/thread company.
E-magazines (outboardes of course), do like my job, even have published my work , here, nobody gives a dime for it. It happens....
I have some fancy yarn, fluffy, soft, that I bought the whole retailers bunch almost the same price as the 100% sheep wool, the whole bunch, and it felted it so magic wonderful, with the "hairy" stuff without variation, the idea from tunisian crochet technique, easy, fast to do, knitted way, I made a purse.
This is not a proof pattern yet, as I like it to be, but, at least you can try it as yopu wish, the only thing I ask for is given me the credit of the basic idea, as I want to make a shawl (in progress) or a skirt (in progress), that I call it "serendipity bag", I wanted a scarf, and turns out to be a bag.