Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Nutcracker Rug

Stitches Used:
dc: double crochet
sl st: slip stitch
st(s): stitch(es)
yo: yarn over hook
dc2tog (dc 2 sts together): [Yo, insert hook in next st and draw up a loop, yo and draw through 2 loops on hook] twice, yo and draw through all 3 loops on hook.
Important: When changing colors, do not forget to work the last st until 2 loops remain on hook, drop old color, pick up new color, yo and draw through both loops on hook.
Materials Needed
Sport weight yarn
Red: 2-3 oz (60-90 g)
Black: 1-1.5 oz (30-50 g)
Lilac: 1 oz (30 g)
Blue, gold yellow, white, tan : leftovers yarn
Crochet hook: F/5 ( 4mm)
Tapestry needle for embroider eyes, teeth belt, legs. ( Do not add any button if it is for a kid)

Mine was : 4 rows: 2” (5 cm)
8 dc’s: 2” (5 cm)
If you use another kind of yarn/ hook all over the rug, it is not important, only the measures will change.
Final Measures
32” (81 cm) tall
14.5” (37 cm) body 19” (48 cm) with arms

With black ch 68 dc in the 4th ch from hook.
Row 1-4 : 65 dc + 3 ch for turning
Row 5: with gold yellow and when joining new colors, ch 6 and make 3 dc’s on the gold yellow base ch, 4th st over black st of the body (65 more gold yellow dc’s) and at the end of the row, ch 3 and back with sl st and work 3 dc’s out of the body. Cut yarn
Row 6-7: Join black, working all the yellow sts, cut yarn
Row 8: Join gold yellow, work all the sts, cut yarn
Row 9: skip first 3 sts, join lilac. Work 53 dc’s
Row 10-25: work 53 dc’s . At the end, cut yarn
Row 26: with blue ch 8, add red and make 53 dc’s, add blue, ch 11, turn,
Row 27: make 8 blue dc’s, 53 red dc’s, 8 blue dc’s(over the ch base from the row 26)
Row 28-32: work the same colors
Row 33-37: change red for black color
Row 38-59: change black for red color
Row 60: Change blue for black, over red, make 13 sts tan, 27 sts white 13 sts tan
Row 61: same colors as 60
Row 62: Start decreasing the hair, at the end of a row, make dc2tog
Row 63-65: work the same colors and do not forget to dc2tog at the end of a row.
Row 65-72: black is finished, last row of tan
Row 73: Join black (53 sts) cut yarn
Row 74-75: Join lilac (53 sts) cut yarn
Row 76: Join black (53 sts) cut yarn
Row 77-78: Join blue (53 sts) cut yarn
Row 79 : Join black (53 sts) cut yarn
Weave in ends, decide the right and the wrong side and embroider eyes ( ch. in smaller rounds with black), teeth (black), belt (gold yellow), legs (white).
For you or as a great gift. Enjoy J

My Son

Here is Carlos, finishing the chocolate cake. Chocolate pancakes, filled with chocolate cream and strawberrie jam, covered with chocolate and chantilly (?) cream. He began with chocolate coberture, cream, flour, eggs, nothing pre-done.
That was yesterday, today he bought those nice clear boxes for cakes, and Susan went to her town to celebrate with her daddy tomorrow.
I am so proud that he is the best of his class. Good luck Carlos, I know you can make all your dreams. come true.
BTW, he is also a great musician, singing all day long, with his guitar, the electric piano, or his trumpet. Just memories, he was in 7th grade when he began with the trumpet. Believe me, at first it was kind of torture, playing over and over just 3 notes, by the end of the year, he must played the American and Chilean National Songs for his grade, he got an A+.
So many interests he has, and so interested in many things, besides what I am posting, and he knows so many things, as those miracle berries, even his teachers never heard of them. We buyed some at the net, and he let the teachers, students tried one, (me too), it is so weird to try a real hard kiwi and tasted so sweet. Or the lemons, all sours feel sweet to taste.
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My Garden

So, here is my little garden,
I am looking for some gramiea type of plants, so in summertime they will not ask me for too much water, lol, my Celeste was after our neighbour's cat, and I am growing some herbs, ciboulette, sage, parsil, rosemary, and others for my son, and some Aloe Vera, lavander, for me.
I was kind of lazy at the time to make a little terrace, so I just place some heavy squares, and for getting them tight, I am growing grass. So this summer I will have a nice place to stay, with a terrific view . Only God knows where I will be this summer, hope with Carlos, my son, Susan, and Celeste.
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Ater the first rain

After the first rain of the season.............. Yesterday was dark and the nice sound of the rain was like a lullaby, that invite us to be at home, watching TV while I was finishing my rug.
My son and his girlfriend Susan, the nice young lady that was the model for my capelet, were making a nice chocolate cake for her father, as tomorrow is Father's Day here.
My son is studying to be a chef, and he must practice (very bad for my waist. lol).
Today still there is kind of misty and the sun is very, very shy.
We were so happy with this rain, as here it only rains from April to September, just a few milimeters each time. But we all hope it will take away the everybody-has-a-cold reason.
Here is a view from my little garden-to-be, from the bay. Far away is Valparaiso, and the buildings nearby are Renaca, where I live. I will post another pic, where you can see a little of Vina del Mar.
I want to share with you some views, my son and the carpet with the pattern....
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