Monday, January 12, 2009

OH! well, I was in an exterchange crocheted things last year, but my health sometimes plays me bad tricks, so just 2 weeks after the deadline, I sent my package!!, poor partner, thinking why her secret buddy could forget Xmas package. NO Tami, I was only late poor dear, and I realize that I have so many patterns of my own, never shared, and oops, just a few minutes ago, I just posted my first one, a pair of socks, they are so cozy, and fast, but as always thinking -Who will want my pattern??. And today I said, ok, I will post this one, with my very special spelling, (odd btw), and let us see.....

Autumn Reminiscence, hairpinlace socks
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Submitted by honeyvarita on 13 January 2009 - 12:41am.

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Autumn Reminiscence
I know, it could sounds weird, but I do like socks ( made by me, lol), and hairpin lace. So here I joined the two things together. Now is hot here (Chile), and I had the perfect fall colors yarn.
It is not my first pair, so I know it works, but as always, everybody loves my socks....

Materials List
-2 ply yarn (mine is 100% wool) 3 oz,
-3mm (near #3 steel American) hook
-3/4" hairpin (homemade, just with wire, and a little help of my friends)

Finished Size
Small and average woman
The size I use is for small and average woman, but you can adjust it as you go.

70 loops each side 14" long, 1/2" wide.

Hairpin lace tutorials are found in different links.

The Pattern
For an average (small) woman,
10 stripes of 80 (70)loops eacch side,
10 stripes of 35 (25) loops (for sole),
10 stripes 45 loops for the leg.
Do use a marker (I use a safety pin), where you end every row, so they go the same way when you join them.
Zig-zag strip joining
There will be 3 holes, one for the leg, the other for the toes and the middle for the heel.
Work all loose ends.
Join one (main) yarn with the hook, and work evenly sc.
Toes and heel, place markers at both sides.
2-10 th row sc diminish at both sides where the markers are.
Measure your feet, as they must feel cozy, so you can add-substract some rows. Sew the ends.
Leg, Do a sc round, and then a shell (1 sc 1 hdc 1 dc 1 hdc 1 sc)the next, skip 2 sc and do another shell.
Use a baby cord, or twisted yarn cord for ornament, as they will fit very comfortable.
I made an accent with some irish crochet leaves.