Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Spring is in the air!!!. September 18th, our national day, and I know how to dance our national dance. Here at the farm is so real nice to be with all the nice people, and Celeste, my new yorkie, she is just a puppy. At first, it is an adaptation period, to know each other, now, we can enjoy our company (and bed), also new people at the office, Teresita and Willy.
Just today I asked to place the flag, waving with the wind. The blue of the sky, the white of the snow up in the moubtains, the star, Lucero, and the red of our national flower, copihue, and the blod of the indians, fighting against the spaniards. We are proud if we believe one drop of them is in ours.
BTW, I finished another pair of socks, and a blouse, all for me, lol.