Sunday, March 16, 2008

Here are the pics.
At last, a pattern made by me!!. I choose hairpin lace for my scarf. Nothing new, except that making a sc, I made a dc instead. The scarf is easy and fast, just follow my instuctions, you have one loop on your hook, turn, grab the yarn just turned, down between the hairpin loop, grab again the yarn, so you have 3 loops on hook, and make a dc. Why?, it is warmer, and looks much more neat, I made my scarf with ombre yarn, and 2 strips of 160 loops. I must wait for my DD to help me upload pics, that will be soon.
The reason I am not posting that much, is because I am running the farm!! Hope you like the scarf, and sure, I made a poncho (again), and a hat, from Naidas crochet, but I changed a little bit. Also boas, and drop stitch scarves.