Tuesday, July 07, 2009


I will post the pattern tomorrow, today I am sleepy,lol

Halloween pineapple doilies


I use my hairpin to make fast and easy my pon.pons. attach the yarn/thread with the cord you want (here I wanted a keychain, always lost mine). Cut the borders and work with your scissors to make a nice one. Here I used 2 colors, you can imagine with patriotic ones, or Xmas, or as ornament for curtains, the possibilities are huge, even a carpet. Not those circles, so slow for me, it is a mess. Try with a book, hands, depends the size and colors you want



So the best way to do nice tassels is to attach the cord that you want out from the inside, , scure with dental floss, turn and attach with thread/yarn, and you can work them later. , or add little tassels, bodies, and lots of imagination.