Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Well you can always look at my slide show the Flickr Images!


Not that I am a genius, I can't find the needle to add beads to my thread-yarn here, as it is a samall town, so I must think how to do my stuff with simple things!.

And please be gentle at me!, I do not write-speak english that well, and for sure you will not understand much better spanish, lol, Ruth
I am always in a hurry, and my cam. just isn't in the right place when I need it. So I wll post a pic. of the purse as soon as I can find it, lol.
Here comes what happened with my mug and my diffussor.
It is almost winter here. Well, winter, mild but winter, seasons are 2, almost no springtime, or autumn, so I drink much more coffe, even it is instant one, and the 4 thieves blend in my diffussor, you can google the blend, and believe me, it works!.
Well, my mug and my diffussor, both were angry at me, because I was using just old CD's as coasters. So I began to imagine how to use them but much more nice, as the old CD's also wanted to show off. So I tried first with a super fine thread, it was a disaster, so I decided to use a fine thread instead.
I do not know, but the blog do not alloud me to upload the pics, I think they are too heavy, I must arrange my cam. lol, but you can see the pics at my Flickr, as honeyvarita, or Crochet me.
Here comes the nice part, it was a sucessful trying, they are so real nice and easy to do. I like color, but sometimes I feel kind of gothic too!!, so a sunny one, a floral, and a spider web with a little spider.
My son and my daughter in law wanted one for them, my son, something gren, my DIL, something in light blue. And that is the thing, you can create different ones, and still they match, so you do not have to make 6 or 12 to have a set!.
Just hold the thread with one finger, with a 2 mm crochet bring up the thread and make a sc with another crochet, you will see why, when you make one, it is much more easy. One for make sc, the other one to bring it up the thread. Do not cover it with too much thread, or it will be unstable as a coaster. And for sure, the CD wants to show off too.