Thursday, May 21, 2009

Here are 2 pics of a close up of the work
By TheSeaside Capelet

Ch 210, sport weight yarn 100% acrylic, (300 gr, about 10 oz ) with a G6 (4.25mm) hook and a US 35 (20mm) needle, working 5 loops twisted and 5 sc on top as a broomstick stitch. Every third row, work 2 rows of sc, repeat this for 5 times. 15 broomstick rows separated every 3 with 2 sc rows (4 two sc 2 rows).
Once you finish, work 1 row sc all the way round, then 2 rows sc on 3 sides (not on top), next row ch 3 ss in the same stitch, ss on the next 2 sc, the last one, another 3 ch, repeat all the 3 sides.
On top, make a 350 ch cord, and pass through the stitches, so you can use it as a nice shawl or a warm and cozy capelet. Its measures are 115 cm (45") x 43 cm (17")

Sorry, I always forget to post all at once.
So begin the Tutorial from down-up

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Broomstick Lace Tutorial

How to Fix your Mistakes

Then continue working as usual. Always against the tail of the base chain, so you do not get confused.
I work with the needle up, between my knees, some other crocheters below their arm, try to find the comfortable way for you.
Most work with the loops in the needle, but I find much more easy to take the needle out and work with only the loops.
And here is a pic of the work in only 3 rows, you will never notice that one stitch has 6 loops instead of 5, always looking the row below, to get the loops neat in the vertical way.
I know, nobody will tell you this, but happens, if the kids are playing indians, the dog wants to play with your yarn, or you have to leave your work for any reason and let me tell you, that 60-100 loops are not easy to count.
Sometimes you miss one loop, do not worrie, take it the next row with other loop, or if you realize 3-....rows later, fix it with a needle and yarn, weaving on loose ends.
Sure, it is not the best thing to do, but we are human, and having fun, relaxing with our hooks and needles. It is different with other stitches that you must be a frog, they are not possible to fix.
Well, this blog does not alloud me to upload another pic, so later on I will post the 15 loops with an error, you will never notice, I think..
I am finishing something I hope I will post it tomorrow.

It is easy when you have only 15 loops, but when you have 60-70 loops, you can have one more or less. Always being careful to be neat in the vertical way too, so look the row below. In this case I made one more, so one worked stitch will have 6 loops, but nobody will notice, but if the vertical way is not neat, that will show, so work 4 or 6 loops if that is the case, with 5 sc on top

Turn the work, and pull up another 15 loops (the first one is the one remaining in the hook. As the other rows are much more easy, take the loops out of the needle and work them that way. Picking up the loops with the hook, and stretching them gently, so they have all the same lenght.

First row, pick up with the hook 5 loops, and I twisted them with my left hand and the first 5 ones, secure them with a ch that it does not count as a stitch.
There is my first row, 5 loops with 5 sc each one.

I am using a G (4.25mm) aluminiun hook, and a US 35 (20mm) needle. The first row is always a little difficult, but then it is very fast, and it is a nice stitch, but nobody tells you the problems you can find.
Use the last ch, and place it to the needle, then without twisting pull up loops using the ch as a base, the yarn never shows a twist, fix it with your hand or with the hook, if that is the case. Ok, I ch 15 so I must have 15 loops on the needle, and I never let that one loop is over another one, so I fixed with the hook, so far, so good.

Broomstick lace Tutorial, and how to fix the mistakes. A little different, but faster to do.
Begin a ch of any multiple of 5 (it is much more easy)

Also I just made a Seraphine shawl for me, I love that pattern, don't you? Thanks Roxana for being my model

I have knitted many seafoam scarves, they are nice and easy to do, the link is . I just gave it as a present, but..I took a pic of it first, always I forget to take pics, so here it is. It looks much better with a variegated or ombre yarn, but they asked me one in pink..
Today was a gardening day. I hate to waste water when we are almost in winter, and not even a little rain. Not me, I use a sweater, but for young people (we called them "lolos", I think the name came out from the movie, but we mean people under 25 yo are "lolos" or "lolas") just a T-shirt is enough. I am meaning just walking in the street, me?, just a sweater. Global warming?, lol, I don't know, but water here even is not that expensive, always there is a lack of, so my garden are succulents, some catus, and endemic ones, so I do not waste too much, just for ecology. Only my trees, 2 lemons, 1 orange and 1 tangerine trees. Also I am growing some culinary plants that I love them fresh, parsley, ciboullette, marjoram, sage, and others, but just what I need for cooking. But they are just receiving the water from the night, and I check that that is enough, until they grow a little more.
I want today to show you some of my recently work, and a tutorial.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The strap begins just plain then I made 2 I-Cords, so you have two stripes on your shoulder.

And here is the purse finished, (thanks Susan) it is a ruffled one, with a nice detail on the straps and instead of a button, I used an embelished safety pin.
I will make one not ruffled, but now I am working with my dear crochet!!. I am finishing the project, hope as soon I have more time, I will post the pattern, a tutorial, and my project at last finished. I didn´t know that with Picasa you can low the pixels so you can post the pics with no problem. Now I know.

Here is a pic of the CD coaster for my morning (all day long??) coffee.
Also some other coasters, and sure how to do them, with one crochet, you hold the thread up, the other crochet brings the thread up to do a single crochet for work later anything you want.