Saturday, February 16, 2008

As you can see, my aftenoons have been very busy!!. The cactus flower, lol, it is a kind people use to go up to the sky, I think they cook it, and the flowers really last one day. The poncho is from e-pattern central, the same as one of the purses, the other is from interwave press, the rug, well I looked at, the tulip stitch, and hw to use it, as I really like it, surprise!, annies attic published a "rug", that is serendipity.
My hnds sing with my self-made tools, my soul cries so loud!, I do want to go back to my litle town by the seashore. I miss my friends, I WANT MY LIFE BACK. Here I am so alone. Hope some day somebody takes the time to read my blog!!.

Well, no summer vacations for me, and almost no internet, just today the company cames to fix te phone and internet. It was kind of boring to go to a cyber, to the town. But I cannot miss a day of Annies Attic pattern, when you get used to something is so dificult not to do it. My DD came for a visit and I think day aftr tomorrow she will be back. In the meanwhile, I finished the purse, mde another, and something suppossed to be a rug, but it is a shame that my work will be on the floor, here are some pics,