Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ater the first rain

After the first rain of the season.............. Yesterday was dark and the nice sound of the rain was like a lullaby, that invite us to be at home, watching TV while I was finishing my rug.
My son and his girlfriend Susan, the nice young lady that was the model for my capelet, were making a nice chocolate cake for her father, as tomorrow is Father's Day here.
My son is studying to be a chef, and he must practice (very bad for my waist. lol).
Today still there is kind of misty and the sun is very, very shy.
We were so happy with this rain, as here it only rains from April to September, just a few milimeters each time. But we all hope it will take away the everybody-has-a-cold reason.
Here is a view from my little garden-to-be, from the bay. Far away is Valparaiso, and the buildings nearby are Renaca, where I live. I will post another pic, where you can see a little of Vina del Mar.
I want to share with you some views, my son and the carpet with the pattern....
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