Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Son

Here is Carlos, finishing the chocolate cake. Chocolate pancakes, filled with chocolate cream and strawberrie jam, covered with chocolate and chantilly (?) cream. He began with chocolate coberture, cream, flour, eggs, nothing pre-done.
That was yesterday, today he bought those nice clear boxes for cakes, and Susan went to her town to celebrate with her daddy tomorrow.
I am so proud that he is the best of his class. Good luck Carlos, I know you can make all your dreams. come true.
BTW, he is also a great musician, singing all day long, with his guitar, the electric piano, or his trumpet. Just memories, he was in 7th grade when he began with the trumpet. Believe me, at first it was kind of torture, playing over and over just 3 notes, by the end of the year, he must played the American and Chilean National Songs for his grade, he got an A+.
So many interests he has, and so interested in many things, besides what I am posting, and he knows so many things, as those miracle berries, even his teachers never heard of them. We buyed some at the net, and he let the teachers, students tried one, (me too), it is so weird to try a real hard kiwi and tasted so sweet. Or the lemons, all sours feel sweet to taste.
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