Sunday, June 28, 2009

To "bee" or not to bee

This week I have created new patterns. No, they do not come from outer space, a baby dress with a stitch that I used for a purse (crochet). then a knitted Pilucho (peeloocho), a pot holder (crochet), a doorstop, not very nice, I must embroider something, but it is just what I wanted, and a cute doilie, that I create from a vintage pattern, but it was the idea.
Today it was rainy and cold, so I stayed at bed, lazy Sunday. And I am not in the mood of taken pics or even finish my creations.
I was so frustrated when at all Vina del Mar, I could not found a doll like a model, just Barbie-like-to-be ones. So I must use just a cardboard to show how to use a pilucho. I think 99% chileans had used one when babies!.

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