Saturday, July 04, 2009


Once you make a nice tassel, you discover that all around us have one. Indians, Popes, poor and rich people, babies or elders, and we just do not realize until we just are awared of it.

So I began to take a look how to make a nice one. Here is the story

Celeste is with some leather samples that somebody gave me. And I made tassels.

Most of them are made out of yarn or thread, and they are so easy to do. Let me show you how.

Cut strands of yarn/thread and tie them with dental floss (strong and almost invisible), also add the cord you want, at the wron side, later you turned your work, and your tassel is ready.. Well pics are not in order but you get the idea... You can work with the top, the wrap (embroider or else), or work with the strands, adding more tassels, or perhaps braiding it, or wrapping , make somekind of toys, or a keyholder, there are many occasions you will need one, even if it is the simplest one, like a knot.
In this model, you must wrap twice, one with the cord to the inside, the other to make it very neat and the cord just in the middle and out! of course.
I know I am kind of not a good teacher now, but I will be posting soon more explanations and also how to do a nice and simple pom-pom

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